Graphics and Presentation Samples

This sheet is a of a freelance job I had designing a fellow blogger's business cards and logo for his website.

At Boom Town Realty, I was in charge of the drafting and presentation departments of the company. One of my roles was to create all of the graphic and design components for our company's websites, using the architectural drawings I created for each realty property. 

The above and below sheet's content are part of a series of web pages that listed available realty spaces by location, focusing on Midtown Manhattan and branching outward from there. There's also a set of business cards created for Boom Town Realty's real estate team.
Above and below are part of a series of fliers intended for the web and paper use. The Price Plate at the upper is just for the web, a preview, by price, of all of the listings managed by the company and the other ten pieces are the individual flier listings.  
If you are in need of branding graphics & design and presentation services, please contact me.
Thank you for your time, Jose Robinson. (646) 245-2395.