Design Development Samples

These floor plans are from a freelance site  survey and design project I've done for a one-family multi-story Brooklyn house. The owner recently bought the building and wanted to get an idea of  what he could do with the space. The drawing on the left are the Existing Conditions and the larger plans is the Design Drawings.

Even though this is just the design phase, part of the interior design process is to spec out every material used. These are detailed plans and elevations for a pair of bathrooms at Providence Marriott's ground floor. I designed while working for Interior Design Force.

In one of my college design/space planning classes, the project was to convert two apartments in to one, open, more "lofty" apartment with a home office for a software engineer. This was a real project for the professor and we were able to visit the site and speak with the clients. The major element in my design is the office in the center of the space that's surrounded my transitional glass. Also, there are very few doors in the space, that and the glass, allows for the space to feel more open.   

I worked on the Existing Conditions, Schematic Design and Design Development phases for this five story pre-war walk-up in Yorkville. The clients wanted to convert the building into a upscale duplex apartments, but the project never got off the ground. 

This is another school project, from a design class. The project was part model making and part space planning and design. It's a daycare center located in Brooklyn, at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, I used the bridge as the building's focal point, having the main entrance and courtyard face the bridge. Another major design element was the tensile fabric canopies at the entrance and the roof play yard inspired by Christo and Jeanne-Claude's 2005 "The Gates" exhibition in Central Park.

These drawings and sketches are for a restaurant/bar/lounge for my Space Planning class.  We were giving a very limited space, but a very long program for an entertainment venue. My major focus was satisfying all of the needs of the program while maintaining a functional and visually pleasing environment. I used the prism from Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon album cover as the inspiration for the massing of the structure, creating a dynamic exterior.

 This is a Sketchup project I created while working at Interior Design Force, a design development drawing of a typical hotel room Huntington Hotel in Suffolk County, New York.

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