Details Samples

Details are the type of drawings I have the greatest passion for. I really enjoy getting in to all of the components of a structure (or piece of millwork) and breaking them down. The drawings below are details I created for various projects.

The Pump Energy Food is a "healthy-eating" fast food chain restaurants in Manhattan. While at Garrett Singer Architect, I worked on design development and construction documents for their new flagship store near Grand Central terminal. The new store's design  is the prototype for all its upcoming and existing restaurants.The first sheet is details of the cashier and food service counter. The second sheet is Elevations and a detail of the custom bar stool seats.

On the left is an enlarged section-detail footing-to-roof of a 2-hour rated party wall and exterior wall for a pair of new semi-detached single family residences ion Staten Island's flood zone. On the right is a stair section for the proposed repair and alteration of the uppermost 2 floors and roof bulkhead in a century-old Manhattan tenement building.   
These are wall type details I created for the above semi-detached residences, including UL numbers, Energy Code minimums for r-values and Zoning guidelines for building materials in construction below the Flood Resilience Construction Elevation.

This is a isometric detail of the re-framing of a stair opening in the Manhattan tenement building mentioned above.
These are details from multiple projects. The first is a Laundry Room detail with waterproof materials at the floor and wall and floor drain at the center. The left isometric is a detail of a fire-rated floor-ceiling assembly. The right isometric is a detail of the proposed furring at a cellar foundation wall shelf. 
On this sheet, the above 2 details are roof framing isometrics. The lower left is for the temporary support of existing joists during the removal of a beam. The lower right is a skylight detail. 

These are details for a custom built-in bookcase I created while working at Interior Design Force, a Soho-based design firm. The drawings are the Providence Marriott's Lobby renovation. Other pieces for this project included custom concierge kiosks and computer desks.

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